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Fuji-Tron is a japan-Tokyo based Home Elevators Company. We are providing Home Lifts, Residential Elevators, Stair Lifts, Platform Lifts, Cog Belt Home Elevators, Gearless Residential Lifts and Hydraulic Home Elevators for Small House, Villas, Bungalows, Buildings and Luxury Homes to all over India.

In a short span of time, Fuji-Tron have established itself as the #1 Home Elevators Company in India. Our residential elevators are manufactured by Fuji-Tron Access in a special facility in Bangaluru, India & follow European Standards of Home Lifts.

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Elevator Installation

We provide Home elevator & residential elevator installation services PAN India basis. just contact us now to know more

Elevator Modernisation

We modify the old elevators without changing all it’s parts. Our experts are very much professional to do that . Click to know more

Elevator Maintenance

We provide elevator annual maintenance services & also attending breakdowns of all kind of elevators. Click to know more.

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Why A Home Elevator Is Right For You
Many people think of a home elevator installation as a luxury reserved for the super-rich, but the technology has gotten better over the years and the price of a home elevator installation and elevator repair has become far more reasonable. When we founded this company nearly 46 years ago, few people were investing in elevators for their homes. But as time has gone on, the amount of installs we have done at homes has grown exponentially. People are realising just how much sense home elevators make. When you work with the experts at Fuji-Tron, you can be sure you’ll get the best price and continued great service for the lifetime of your elevator. We are a non-proprietary company, meaning the products and methods we use are not unique to us. This ensures your home elevator installation will be simple and cost-effective to maintain as long as you have it.
The Benefits Of A Home Elevator
Getting an elevator installed in your home is a benefit you’ll feel both immediately and for the rest of your lifetime. If you have any sort of handicap or accessibility issue, an elevator will immediately take the struggle away so you can move around your house effortlessly. Even if you don’t have a physical need for the elevator, it will be a convenience you won’t regret investing in. You’ll be able to move yourself, friends and family members, and even some small objects up and down in your home, saving you steps and stress. As you age, the elevator will only be more wonderful for you, helping you get around as your mobility lessens. A home elevator is an investment you’ll constantly benefit from. When we visit clients who installed an elevator with us to do the routine maintenance, they all rave and exclaim how they can’t imagine living without their home elevator.
The Benefits Of A Commercial Elevator
Businesses can benefit greatly from a commercial elevator installation. Firstly, and most apparently, you’ll be making your business more accessible for people who have mobility issues. It will also help everyone in your office get around more easily. While stairs may work for most, a great deal of people have back pain or other problems that make using stairs a problem. Installing an elevator at your business will alleviate this concern for not only your clients, but your staff. Not every commercial elevator is designed for passengers though. We can also install large scale commercial elevators capable of moving heavy items, allowing your building the ability to move freight up and down without worry. This can get large items like furniture to your upper levels without stress or injuries from trying to lift. No matter what your business needs, we can install an elevator that will help.

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We provide customers with residential elevators that help make day-to-day living better. Every home elevator has an innovative design to create the ultimate experience but every elevator is available with a variety of customization.

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